Gilding the Raw Brownie Lily

Whoah, mama, stop the car!!!  Feast your eyes on these beautiful hybrid specimens of raw and not-so-raw:

Gloriously organic, raw, brownies, are slathered with a raw ganache, ten gilded with not-so-raw, but molti deliziosi Italian candied oranges. Take a deep breath....then inhale a brownie or two or four. Hm, wonder if that could be called a chocoprana :)

I happened to have flavored this batch with some chipotle (ok, so that also is not raw), and thought the orange would be a scrumptious flavor and texture contrast -- and I was right on the money. That sweet pop of chewy, syrupy, crystal-crunchy orange is perfect.

Try this flavor combo with your favorite brownie recipe, raw or not-so-raw, and enjoy with the beverage of your choice.  And just to mix it up really good, listen to some "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele or "What Doesn't Kill You" by Kelly Clarkson....or go for it and whip out the Stones' "Brown Sugar."


  1. ah! with a hot cup of tea? perfection! my mouth is watering!!

    1. i've got some in the frige with your name on them :)


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