I've got the hots for cold

If you know anything about me, it’s that I don’t like cold.  Oh, I like cold things all right: ice cream, Eiskaffee, um….uh….hm, this list is shorter than I thought it would be.  And it’s got to be pretty warm for me to even enjoy those short-list items. 

I much prefer warm things: snuggly warm sheets and down blankets; warm baked goods; warm wool socks, hats, scarves, and mittens; warm hugs; warm thoughts; and the “warm” list goes on and on.  Add to that all the hot things I like, e.g. hot soup, hot water bottles, hot tea, etc. and the list goes on ad infinitum.

Guess here is where I should clarify that I don’t like the cold – cold weather.  Let me take that back.  I like cold weather that involves beautiful azure skies, whipped cream mounds of snow, cardinals happily chirping away high atop ice-glazed tree branches, skaters waltzing dreamily over a frozen pond, the scent of piñon wafting heavenward in twirls of misty grey……yep, just like on the “wish you were here” postcards.  That’s not the kind of cold we have here in North Texas.  No, we have the “icy wet wind that goes right through every last layer of clothes and straight to your marrow” kind of cold.  Doesn’t last from November through April, doesn’t even last all of winter.  No matter, I don’t like it.  Each year I hope pray to wind up living in a more “comfortable” geography; alas, as the cold inevitably sets in and I’m still in North Texas, I try to make peace with it…embrace it.  I’m here to tell you that, a few decades later, reverse psychology for cold does not work……not for me, anyway.

So, how to cope with the cold??  Heaps of warm/hot things.  Mornings start with one last snuggle under the duvet and the promise of a mug of steaming hot tea.  Followed by copious amounts of more hot tea, from Earl Grey, to sencha, to mugicha, to any number of herbal teas and/or coffees like Teecino. Candles flicker in warming vanilla, winter forest, or spicy fruit scents.  Hot lunch promptly ensues, followed by hot snacks & tea, followed by more hot tea, followed by hot dinner, and that final steaming cup of nitey-nite before it’s off to the land of down.

I think you’re beginning to see the picture, that I don’t like cold.  Which it started off as to today:  40 degrees, windy, dismal lack of sunshine.  Which immediately got me thinking about what I’d have for lunch today.  Which was going to have to be something quick because I had way to much work to do.  And, which, was unfortunate because I didn’t have any leftovers to warm up.  So, as I’m nodding off concentrating during a work colleague’s brilliant webex presentation, I’m trying to picture what’s in the fridge that would whip up into a speedy meal.  An onion, carrots, zucchinis….uttapam!  Too much work, plus they’d for sure burn while I’m on the concall.  Same thing with a pot of clean-out-the-fridge soup and abgreste Nudeln, too.  Curry!  Red curry!  With zucchinis & green beans.  And tempeh.  And brown rice.  Yes!!  And within about 5 minutes it was done: measured rice into cooker, added water, pinch of himmy, spoon of coconut oil, and pressed “cook;” heated some coconut cream, added some red curry paste, along with some tamari, coconut sugar, and a red chili. Rinsed and chopped the zucchinis and green beans, threw them into the curry, along with some julienned kaffir lime leaves.  Sliced up the tempeh and set it into the rice-cooker steamer.  That’s it.  All while listening to the concall….on mute, natch….in about 5 minutes.  The rice cooked, the tempeh steamed, and the curry simmered for another 10 minutes.  The house was filled with the exotic perfume of Thai deliciousness, and I was….ahem….surprising glad it was chilly outside, because I sure don’t eat that kind of food for lunch when it’s warm J

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