Craving satisfied

Sometimes you get a craving and it haunts you till you give in.  Ever had one of those?  Yeah, I thought so!!

Well, I got one for....drumroll please.....doughnuts.  Uhuh, doughnuts.

I'm not a doughnut person -- except, maybe those hubcap-sized midnight snack Moroccan ones we had in Paris back in the 70's --  but not too long ago I read about a recipe for some "killer" gluten-free doughnuts and I must admit they looked and sounded pretty good.  And J is always raving about some maple doughnuts that his favorite doughnut baker lady never makes enough of and why can't she make more of them and fewer of those multicolor-sprinkles ones that sit in the case till the store closes?!?  Ah, but that's another story.

So yesterday I'm shopping at Whole Foods and because it's so crowded, the checkout line I'm in snakes  into the frozen food cases and there I am eye to doughnut hole.  Gluten-free doughnuts, no less.  I was tempted, but for some reason never opened the case to get a box.  Instead, I came home and made one.

One single, solitary, all by it's lonesome doughnut.

Black. Fuzzy. Flowery.
A knit and felted doughnut-shaped ring, "sprinkled" with a little bit of free-form embroidery.

And it's gluten-free!!


  1. it's so cute! at first glance, I thought you had it on your ankle, on that last pic! that would be interesting!

  2. Yeah, i need to knit a few more and play with the embellishments....maybe add some beading :)


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