112 degrees

Not sure what the final temperature will be today in Dallas, but it's currently at 112 degrees Fahrenheit.  112!!! 

Two things are for sure -- it's hot and it's a record.....again!  Whew!!

Besides the movement of automated things like cars, buses, and 18-wheelers, it's quite still outside.  Sort of like a science fiction, nuclear winter movie where all life has been decimated.  Trees are dropping leaves like it's fall.  Lawns are crunchy brown.  Flowers are wilting, hanging on for dear life only with double-doses of hand watering.  Nobody's out walking, running, biking.  Nobody's walking their pets.  It's too hot to swim.

You've heard of brain-freeze??  How 'bout brain-fry!!

It's hot. 

But never too hot for dessert.  Especially one you can pull from the fridge :)

Today's polka-dot-plate-special is raw vanilla-lavender and chocolate macaroons, served with some juicy raspberries.  I got the recipe from Nutiva's Facebook posts, but had to change them up since they obviously left out some very key ingredients -- like a binding agent.  They're delish and keep in the fridge so you're I'm not tempted to eat a whole plateful before they go south :) 

If you're interested in my version, comment below and I'll post

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  1. I'd love to have your version of this temptation, better yet, I'd like to sample yours first ;)


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