Salad with blue potatoes and a side of memories

Just a quick pick of my lunch yesterday: steamed tempeh with wild rice, tomatoes, carrots, celery, cilantro and smurf-blue potatoes topped with lemony vinaigrette.  Aren't the potatoes cool?  All organic, and oh so yummy!

Makes me think of Annette-Kolb Gymnasium Traunstein.  We had to memorize a poem in 1. Klasse, das alizarinblaue Zwergenkind by Freiherr Börries von Münchhausen, about a tiny little fairy creature who decides to take a dip in an inkwell.  When he comes up from the ink, he's all blue; he crawls out of the well, and plops his hinie onto a sheet of blotting paper, leaving behind a stamp, described like this:

Da hats ein Dreierbrotchen gedruckt,

Ein kleinwinziges, zweihälftiges Dreierbrot,

Ha ha!! You'd have to understand German and know about German breads to get this one, but it's too cute!!

We had to memorize lots of poetry in Deutschklasse in the late 60's.  That's when school was school: lot of memorization, correct spelling and grammar, respect for authority, etc etc etc.  All about academics.  But it was lots of fun, too.  Like when we sang buranko buranko (a Japanese swing song - another memory) for our class and the principal in our embroidered Chinese pajamas that Mama brought us back from Singapore while Daddy was in Viet Name.  Has that really been more than 40 years ago??

Mensch, die Zeit vergeht......

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