Presto Pesto

The heat is on!! The veggie garden is basically a goner.....sigh........

Just pulled up the last of the fruitless tomato plants. The only thing left now is the basil (with morning and evening watering) and the jalapenos. So they go into everything we're cooking, or uncooking, now. Into the salads, the sandwiches, the scrambled eggs, you name it. Thinking of making some ice cream or sorbet with basil & pineapple. See, you name it, and basil or jalapenos are in it.

But the crowning achievement for basil is pesto -- ah, homemade pesto. Green summery goodness to slather on al dente pasta or a sandwich or to dip with chips.

So easy to make and it keeps for a good while, as long as you keep it sott'olio - covered with olive oil. Pick the basil in the morning before the sun hits it, wash it well and let it dry. Drop a couple of cloves of garlic into the food processor, followed by a good handful of nuts (I know pine nuts are de rigeur, but I like walnuts). Pulse a few times, just to chop them a bit. Cube the best cheese you can afford, either parmiggiano or pecorino romano, and drop it into the processor and pulse 4 or 5 times. When the basil is dry, put it in the machine and run while adding enough olive oil to make it saucey -- not too runny, but not too dry and pasty either. Stop and check it occasionally and when it's the consistency you like, presto it's finished.

A, che buono.......and it's only available in summer :)

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