Monday Memo: Stay Cool!

We're at Day 23 of the 100+ temperatures for Dallas/Ft.Worth.  We even got a "hot" shout-out on NPR this morning. It felt as fun as when Texas made the Top 10 on the obesity list.

Anyway........for this kind of weather, it's important to stay cool as possible, to stay hydrated, and make sure we get a nice balance of salts, minerals, and sugars.  Besides eating tons of salads and other fresh, raw foods, it's nice to be able to sip (or slurp) on something that meets all the above criteria:

Paloodeh fits the bill.  Paloodeh??

If you know anything about Persian cuisine, you've probably had or heard of faloodeh, a yummy dessert of frozen rice vermicelli in cherry-rose syrup, usually served along with bastani Akbar Mashti, saffron-rosewater ice cream.  If you don't know anything about Persian cuisine, now aren't faloodeh ba bastani Akbar Mashti a great incentive to give Iranian food a try?!?!

Of course, one does not live on rosewater and saffron-scented desserts alone.  And that's where paloodeh, frozen cantaloupe slush, comes in.  Iranians love their melons (of course, always bigger, better, and sweeter in Iran) and have found that these frozen drinks area a wonderful way to keep cool, keep hydrated, and keep fed.  So simple, it's made of cantaloupe (طالبي) whirred to a slush with ice cubes -- ah, so good!!

Paloodeh پالوده (Frozen Canteloupe Slush)

If the cantaloupe is not totally ripe, ie sweet, you can add some sweetener.  Also, a little spoon of rosewater or lemon juice changes the flavor.  Just don't do the East Texas thing, and season with salt and pepper!! Nah, go ahead if it floats your boat :)
I usually figure on 2 measures of cantaloupe to 1 measure of ice, but it all depends on how fragrant the fruit is and how icy you want it.

1 cantaloupe, peeled and cubed
cubed ice
the tiniest pinch of himmy (Himalayan salt)
sugar, to taste

Drop the cantaloupe into the blender container with the salt and pulse a few times. Add the ice and blend till smooth. Makes 2 tall glasses of nutritious, cooling refreshment.

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  1. I felt cooler just looking at that glass full of paloodeh, but reading the blog....I yearn for some honest to goodness Bastani Akbar Mashti....yummmmm


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