Blazing hot, but matcha cooler today

So, today is the 18th straight day of 100 or more degrees. What IS a body to do to stay cool??

Several weeks back as the 100's started, I popped into Whole Foods for some shopping. Dying of thirst, as one naturally does when it's this hot, I headed to the drinks bar and perused the menu. The frozen matcha slush sounded really good and refreshing, but then they also had a berry slush that sounded perky enough to counteract my wilting. Hm, which to choose? Which to choose?? Wer die Wahl, hat die Qual :)

I settled on the matcha slush, but a la Starbucks, I asked for a "shot" of berry - ha, I felt so clever :)

Can you do that for me, I asked the lovely dreadlocked mistress of libations.

Sure! What kind of milk do you want, she asked.

Coconut, please.

And with that she deftly scooped ice into the mixer, poured on the milk, added a scoop of matcha, drizzled in some syrup, set it on the base and whizzed it all into a slushy, frothy green 20-ounce concoction of sippableness. Don't know if sippableness is a word, but oooooh, it was love at first brain-freezable sip.

This is a drink that iss going to keep me hydrated (and awake) all summer.

Next day, I decided to try making it at home with frozen fruit and a touch of sweetener, since berry syrups aren't a staple in my pantry. Good choice!

Berry Matcha Cooler

I use a personal blender by Tribest, but any blender will do.

If you have some berry syrups, you may want to give those a shot, as they would no doubt intensify the fruit flavor. I bet it would be wonderful with peaches, too, or guavas.

I like it less milky, but you can add more milk to temper the matcha if it's too "bitter" for you.

1/2 to 1 cup coconut milk (or whatever kind you like)

1-2 teaspoons matcha -- how awake do you want to be, ha ha

1 tablespoon maple syrup or honey

7 or 8 frozen strawberries

Add all the above to your blender container. Blend -- you may need to add more liquid or more berries, depending on the size of your fruit -- until it's uniformly slushy. Also, check for sweetness and if you need more, add and finish blending.

Enjoy; I bet you'll feel matcha cooler :)

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