Cosmic Girls

Lunch last week with the gorgeous Cosmic girls. Cosmic? Well, that's a stretch, but they do represent some corners of the earth....Egypt, NYC, Bavaria, and Illinois.... and they were taken at Cosmic Cafe down on Oak Lawn.

Love the postprandial smiles, courtesy of some delish veg food, vino, and their awesome vegan coconut cake....and funky decor.

Wish we could do this more often! But it's the occasion that makes it all the more special.

Five on Friday

Five on Friday ~
1. Flowers - above is a photo of what I'm sure is my garden's last rose for the year
2. Friends - old and new....and rediscovered :)
3. Farsi - re-learning this language is keeping my brain working....vey, daaram pir misham!!
4. Firefighters - I love mine :)
5. Friday!! - gateway to the weekend.........
Hope you enjoy yours