Technicolor lunches, Rohrschach, and Blue Teeth

"What is this??"

What do you mean, what is this?? It's ice kreme!

"It looks like something the dogs ate -- and gave back."

Real funny! You mean like a technicolor lunch??

"A what?"

Technicolor lunch. That's Aussie for lunch 'the second time around'...

"Wow, this is delicious. What's in it??"


"So that's Aussie for..."

Nothing. It's French for blueberries :)

And it is absolutely delicious. J says it's now his favorite (till the next flavor). And much more colorful than the photo shows...and just a tad bluer than your teeth, gums, and lips will look after a bowlful :)

I remember years ago reading an account by Martha Stewart about how she'd served one of the European queens (Beatrix, maybe??) visiting the US a lovely pie made with some Concord grapes. She was proud to be able to showcase the fragrant purple globes in a typical American dessert: Flaky pastry, oozing a brilliant filling, topped with some whipped cream. Can't you just imagine the perfect plate and pie fork that Martha would have chosen for serving the pie? Yumm, who wouldn't want a slice?!

And then, to her horror, she realized why one does not serve blue desserts to royalty or any other important dignitary -- as people smiled at eachother they displayed lips and teeth stained, albeit temporarily, a dingy, washed-out shade of indigo.

Well, I'm here to tell you that eating this blueberry ice kreme will produce similar results. But if everybody eats some, it'll be like when everybody eats raw onions: nobody will really care. Except that everybody will want more of this kreme. Which is what J is counting on...

"I think we should sell this stuff. Really!"

We could call it Technicolor Lunch flavor.

"I'm serious, Banana. Get a booth at the farmers market in Bueny. Make this out of organic bluebs. Give people a taste of this in these, you know, little sample cup things, and then have some ready and some churning. And we could make plum jam. How much do you think we should charge?" he continues as I'm scraping the rest of the ice kreme out of the freezer bowl.

I'm wondering how we're going to squeeze our farmers market ice kreme business in with raising and spinning alpaca wool, running a B&B, climbing 14ers, building greenhouses for our year-round organic garden, holding knitting retreats, breathing, and teaching our old dogs new tricks.

I think I know how Rohrschach felt when he created his inkblots. They throw people off momentarily. They're derailing. Hand them an inkblot, they stop on a dime and give you that blind-sided "what's this?" look. His point exactly.

I hand J his second bowl of ice kreme and ask him what it looks like.

"A dream."


Well, here's how I made Rohrschach's Technicolor Lunch Kreme last night :)

In the blender, whiz about 1 cup of blueberries, a spritz of lemon juice, some sweetener (sugar, honey, maple syrup, stevia -- I used 2 packets of stevia and a spoon of wildflower honey, but use whatever turns you on), and some coconut milk, maybe 3/4 of a cup -- enough to be able to blend the berries. When it's a uniformly crazy blue, add 1 cup or so of coconut cream. Pour into the ice cream maker and let that baby churn.

Enjoy...and don't forget to smile :)

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  1. You can always market it as a tooth whitener for people with yellow, tobacco-stained teeth! Blue might give them a "white wash!" ;-)


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