Plum delish!

Again (!) it's been way too long. Can't believe the last post was....April???

Lots going on. Super busy with work. Just back from another working vaca in Colorado -- hiking the Rockies. Actually glad to give my thighs a rest -- boy were they happy to sit in my office chair today....237 new emails and all....

Knitted my first sock!! A pattern called Kalajoki (find it on Ravelry), like the Finnish river. Once I finish the left sock, I may just frame the pair :)

Published my first knitting pattern on Ravelry -- it's a free download, so go grab it.

Making lots of ice kreme (vegetarian/vegan style ice cream) -- fresh plum is our fave so far, with banana slipping in a close second. The plum is this simple to make:

Whiz 5 pitted organic plums in a blender, peels included, until they're "apple-saucy." Add some flavorful, natural vanilla extract or vanilla bean seeds, a teaspoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice, a bit of sweetener (2 packets of stevia should do it, depending on how sweet your plums are), and a good cup of coconut cream (not the kind you use in mixed drinks, but the kind used for Thai cooking). Blend it well and refrigerate. Pour the chilled mixture into an ice cream maker (I've got the kind that has a frozen canister); churn for about 15-20 minutes. Perfect!!!

I thought about this ice kreme while we were hiking, and how good it would've been when we were back in our cabin after a long day out in the mountains. Although it was chilly up at 12-14,000 feet, it was relatively warmer (75 degrees) at "base camp," and something cool and kremey would have been soothing.

I also thought about how to make a hiking trip more pleasurable and made mental notes for the "Top 10 tips while hiking/climbing". That will be the next post, along with some photos of the trip. Stay tuned.

Meanshile, what kind of ice kreme do you like....or fantasize about??

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