Redemption, thy name is sprouted buckwheat granola

Did I really edit in my former life?? I did?? Ugh. You couldn't tell by yesterday's post. Shall I chalk it up to stress? being tired? quick fingers? joie d'ecrire? Maybe it was the 3 glasses of iced mate?? It certainly was something because there was one mistake after the other. As if the words and letters were racing to make it onto the page. Embarassing! Humble apologies.

However, I will try to redeem myself with today's post/recipe.

I know, I know. Two posts, two days in a row?? Well, it's been stressfully busy around here: Nini Belle's surgery on Monday, a sick dog (took Nomi to the vet this morning -- it's colitis), work out of the wazoo, out of work husband... Please stop me from droning on....

What fuels me during the crazy times? Whatever it is, it's got to last me through a couple of mealtimes. You know what I mean: you eat breakfast, start doing "stuff" and, before you know it, you turn around and it's 3 or 4 in the afternoon. What? How'd that happen? And then you realize you're kinda hungry.

That fuel of late has been a bowl of sprouted buckwheat granola with coconut milk and lots of fresh fruit - chopped strawberries, blueberries, mangos, bananas, cherries. Whatever I've got on hand and in random combinations. I first tried sprouted buckwheat granola at Daily Juice Cafe in Austin. You must go there -- sooooo good!! They served it with cinnamon hemp milk, sliced bananas, and diced strawberries. Delectable. Hooked. Instantly. Wanted more. Controlled self. But still wanted more, much more.

The whole time I was eating it, the gears were turning: Since I don't live in Austin, I've got to make this at home. How do I make this at home? How do you sprout buckwheat?

Well, I got home and did the 21st century thing: hit the internet. I have a dehydrator, but I had no idea how to sprout buckwheat. Read all about it and along the way also read a few posts with recipes for sprouted buckwheat granola. I played around with several recipes, tweaked here and there, threw in some add-ins I like and happened to have onhand, and, well, the rest is history. Herstory, actually :)

So, here's how I make my all raw, all organic sprouted buckwheat granola. It's great with your favorite milk, yogurt, fruit. On ice cream. (Have you tried the Luna and Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss ice cream?? Honestly, it does not get any better.) Out of hand.
Make it. It's delectable. You'll be hooked. Instantly.
Banana's Sprouted Buckwheat Granola -- naturally gluten free :)

3-4 cups raw buckwheat groats - sprout these (you should have 6-8 cups sprouted)
1 cup ground flax seed
1/2 cup sesame seed
1/2 cup hemp seed
few handfulls coconut shreds
1 cup sunflower seeds
about 2 cups coarsely chopped dried fruit - I used cherries, mulberries, dates, and green raisins (yes, green raisins from Iran)
about 1 cup coarsely chopped macadamia nuts
1 cup agave
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 teaspoons vanilla
few grinds of salt

Mix it all up in a large bowl. Spread the granola about 1/2" thick onto oiled dehydrator sheets and dehydrate till dry and crispy. My dehydrator is an older Magic Aire II and it took about 18 hours. Just keep checking till it's the crispness that you like.

Note: Make sure to use buckwheat groats (they're a creamy green color), and not kasha
By the way, I'll apologize right now for how this post looks. I can't seem to master the gentle art of paragraph spacing. They look fine on the preview, but once they're published.....oh well...
See?? That's the kind of stress that drives me to the granola :)

It's so easy being green....

Oops! I don't really believe that was I blog is worth posting twice in one evening, it's just that it's been so long since I posted anything that the verbal horses were out of the gate before I knew that I'd accidentally hit "Publish Post" instead of "Save Now". Sorry 'bout that!

I had a friend whose compost pile grew the most ginormous papaya plant in one season -- all from a rotten papaya she tossed onto thepile. I was fascinated and hooked. I wanted to compost, too, doggone it!!

When we bought our composter last summer, I was hoping that within a few year's time, we'd (rather, it) would produce some really potent, jack-and-the-beanstockesque growing medium for us. It didn't take years at all. By this spring, we had enough to replant some of our plants that actually survived the infamous December snow and ice storms.

One day soon after the repotting, as I was watering one of the crown of thorns, I noticed something growing alongside one of the little seedlings -- seedlings that definitely were not crown of thorns. They looked more like tomatoes? And in another pot was what looked like peppers?? And the pesky little "weeds" that I'd just pulled from around the gerber daisies were basil. Well, I'll be!

Composter + kitchen scraps + x = soil and surprises

All the stuff we'd been throwing into the composter just needed that x of sunshine to produce, like magic, the most incredible growing medium and little surprises: seedlings of all the stuff we loved to eat.
So we now have potted jalapenos, campari tomatoes, and basil. And a mini clementine. And some other surprises that I haven't yet been able to identify. All thriving happily amongst eachother.
Man, the way we go through bananas, I wish I could get some of those to grow :)
And today was our first harvest!! A beautifully fruity jalapeno for our fresh salsa. Afraid I couldn't get a pic of the was gone before I could even think to take a photo. Honest, it was that incredibly delicious. I tossed about a cup of tomato chunks with a handful of garbanzo sprouts; added a cobful of fresh corn kernels, a spoonful of cilantro chutney, and the minced jalapeno. A couple glugs of lemon olive oil, lime juice, a few grinds of salt and pepper. Voila! Before I could get the cheese-stuffed arepas heated and off the griddle, J was already spooning the salsa onto some chips. I will most definitely be making that salsa combo again.
Well, this time it's not the horses chomping at the bit, it's the girls. They're ready for the evening snack. Tonight it's coconut and blueberries for my little fruit lovers.
Remind me to blog about the arepas (well, I call them arepanadas) and raw buckwheat granola I've been making. Wowzer!! And, yeah, the girls love those, too ;)

Life is good

Nine Belle made it through her surgery!!!
Prayers are answered....
'Nuff said :)