Cookbook Giveaway # 2

The juista made me a delightful pick-me-up this afternoon. The beets, apples, cherries, and tangelos produced the loveliest slightly neon color, that I just can't capture on film. My orchids tried to lend a hand with composition, but they, too, look a little washed out. Hm, high time for photography 101.

Well, on to the proverbial meat of the matter: Cookbook Giveaway # 2!!

This time around it's The Fearless Chef: Innovative Recipes from the Edge of American Cuisine by Andy Husbands and Joe Yonan, who happen to dedicate the book to their mothers, "the first chefs we met -- and by far the most fearless." I love these guys!!

The Fearless Chef is a lovely 304-page soft cover book filled with mouthwatering temptations from barbecued shrimp with hominy to za'atar spiced pita to crispy pork chops with maple chili glaze to soft-shell crab BLTs with basil aioli to mango margarita tres leches cake to raspberry lime rickey ice cream.

Makes me want to jump the vegetarian/gluten-free ship :)

If you're interested, or would like to gift the book, leave me a comment. As always, the names go in the hat and a winner will be announced May 1st.

And if you've got photography tips on how to capture color, send them my way.


  1. Sounds like a great book! Count me in. :)

  2. count me in too ! I hope you are well and be sure to tell J hello too...and the girls..:o)

    Check out the following website. It has lots of digital photography tips. They have a school but there is tons of FREE information that might help you.


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