One good turn....

...and see what happens?

That's what I mean about "random" acts of kindness -- they should be called "premeditated" acts of kindness. Even when they seem spur of the moment, they always issue from someone who has medidated on how to be kinder and more gracious.

Like Ricki at Diet, Dessert and Dogs. She gave away some delicious desserts a few months back.

In turn, Iwas inspired to give away a book last month.

My sister recently posted a "handmade give-away" on her facebook page. The catch? You had to promise to give away something handmade in return. For a handmade gift from my sister? You bet I signed up on the spot.

And now Ricki's at it again. This time, it's organic maple syrup from Coombs Family Farms that she'll ship to a lucky winner anywhere in North America!! And, if you live in the Toronto area, you can win one of her custom-baked chocolate layer cakes. Check out the photos she has posted of some of her beautiful creations and possible combinations, like chocolate cake with sweet potato truffle filling, and chocolate frosting. Oh, why-o-why do I live in Texas??? Make sure to check out her website, enter for the drawing, and just enjoy perusing her fun posts and ultra-delicious recipes.

Let their turns inspire your good turn. Because, as you know, for every good turn turn turn, there is a season, turn turn turn....

March 22 P.S. Ah, here's another givea-away, this time for a Vitamix. Check out Brilynn's blog at Jumbo Emapanadas and try not to drool as you read your way through her gorgeous photos and incredibly innovative recipes.


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning the giveaway, and for "paying it forward"! Funny, but right about now, I'm pretty sure I'd much prefer to live in Texas (March--and below freezing? No thanks!) ;)

  2. I lurrrv sweet potatoes too! And they really are amazingly versatile, like so many other foods, I suppose. Isn't it nice to be able to connect through books, and the internet, if we can't afford to travel to every place we'd like, and learn more recipes? It's the next best thing to being somewhere new, in a way. In a good way. I may not be able to get to that restaurant with the great specialties, or to a family's supper table, or to a neat little lady's kitchen, or man's...., but I can sort of be there through their recipes. I imagine we're sharing the same food, and so a connection. We're just not at the same physical table. But food binds. And I don't mean that, strictly speaking. But think about it. Certain smells always evoke special memories. Like apfelstrudel baking in the oven? My childhood comes right back to me, and I am at my grandmother's table again. Not strictly speaking, but in my heart. And isn't that where it's best? Oh how food does bind! It binds us together in the most comforting of ways. And now, I've got some sweet taters I'm wondering how to deal with. I'm not sure - but I know I'll enjoy them however they end up. No binding metaphor intended there. But I will say that I'll somehow feel connected to Ricki if they end up as a sweet treat on my plate, and to Ceilithe, of course, on so many more levels than I could every begin to say. It's nice to stay in touch through food. What a blessing to be able to value it as a gift of love, and not just a means of survival.


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