Damn, it's good to be a juista...

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day and embodied everything that makes spring in Texas a joy. Saturday's last hurrah of winter ended and Sunday started as a day of sun billowing in through the windows. I ran outside to take a picture of the clematis blossom that had been blooming for days, but seemed so dreary till the sun started shining. Isn't she gorgeous -- all 7 inches of her???

And what better brekkie to welcome spring than blueberry pancakes and maple syrup?? Add a tall glass of freshly juiced fruit, and you can practically feel yourself radiating health and happiness.

I mixed the pancake batter and set it aside to "soften" for about 30 minutes; gluten free pancakes take a little more time -- time enought to make the juice. I love picking the flavors that will make the juice "du jour." J likes his juice ice cold; I like mine room temp. Just seems like the flavors are more real, natural when they're not chilled. But I keep apples and some other juice additions in the fridge to strike a happy medium.

So, two apples, a tangelo, a stalk of celery, 1/2 a golden beet, a large knob of ginger, a pear and some organic black cherry concentrate later and it's off to the Green Star to whip up a batch of the most incredible libation. Funny, when we first started juicing, J looked me from the corner of his eye with that "you're not serious" look as I suggested adding celery and ginger to the juice. When you grow up on powdered juice drinks or frozen concentrate, I guess it's hard to embrace celery in your fruit juice.

"Ok, maybe I'll experiment with it later ," I told him. Well, technically it was later -- 5 seconds later -- when I added the celery, and then the ginger, to the rest of the goodies going into the feed chute. I poured the concoction into glasses, put his in the fridge, and mine on the table.

Mm, the last pancake was sizzling in coconut oil and ready to be plated up. Ready to eat? Maple syrup drizzled onto each stack, we dug in. Lovely pillowy bites of blueberry-laden goodness, alternated with sips, no, gulps, of juice. Oh.My.Goodness. The breakfast of champions!!

"Man, this juice is great!!" J kept exclaiming. "I think that celery would've ruined the fruit flavor. What's that zing in here?"

"Ginger. And celery."

"Well, I like it." And not 5 seconds later, "I love it."

After brekkie, we took the dogs to Arbor Hills Park and did our usual: Jason ran the bike trail with Leia while I walked Sonoma around the main trail; we met at the bridge at trail's end, and switched out our girls so that I ended up walking Leia and Jason ran the bike trail with Sonoma.

The cardinals were trilling their beautiful songs from the tops of the hightest trees they could find. The texas vervain flecked the still grey-gold fields with its clusters of tiny purple flowers, each a little nosegay. All kinds of butterflies fluttering from the last blooms of the mountain laurels and redbuds to dandelions and clover. A redtail hawk perched at the edge of the woods, no doubt wondering what kinds of foreign "birds" the kites were. Avian UFOs??

And all the while I kept thinking about juice. How alive it made me feel, and how energetic. Wow, this was some tonic!! I just can't believe I'd had my juicer for a few months before I made my first batch of this miracle beverage. When I was considering chemo, no expense seemed too outrageous, nothing too complicated or time-consuming as far as my health and wellness were concerned. I'd read about the Green Star juicers and would have one, damn the cost. It arrived, I decided against chemo, and there it sat....on the counter....taking up precious space.

"Send the thing back if you're not gonna use it," J kept insisting " Where's the box? I'll pack it up."

"Whatever!! I'll use it!! I'll.Use.It!!!"

And use it I did, and use it I do, and use it WE do. We make juice every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon. We've been buying apples, tangelos, guavas, and every other kind of fruit out of the wazzoo. We try all kinds of combinations; some with veggies, some without. Some we like better than others, but they're all delicious. Leia and Sonoma love the Green Star, too. When we pull it forward on the counter, gather and prep all the fruits and veggies, they sit right at our feet, looking up at this thing that miraculously produces one of their favorit snacks: pulp!! Sometimes I wonder who loves the juicer more: we or the girls!

Using the juicer guarantees that nothing at all is wasted from the fruits and veggies that are getting to be more and more expensive. We drink the juice, the girls get the pulp. I feel good about helping save the planet. Everybody's happy. Everybody's healthy.

"Wanna make some juice before we go to bed?" J asks.

Damn, it's good to be a juista!!

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  1. Avian UFO's? I LOVE it. How hilarious.

    Damn it's good to be juista? Now that's going to be sticking in my head every time I juice! Happy, cooky thoughts - joyful and fun to accompany the feel-good ritual. Thanks for making me smile, and laugh, and feel good!


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