Cookbook Give-away

Just perusing my blog, and re-read the entry about Ricky's random act of kindness (I prefer to think of them as premeditated acts) on her Diet, Dessert and Dogs blog. She was giving away cookies to lucky recipients in the Toronto area. Got me thinking about a give-away here on Charivari Life.

Since I've been gluten-free, I've had to rethink my baking. GF flours just flat don't behave the way other grain flours do. And although I still use some "regular" baking recipes as guides and inspiration, my cookbooks are getting opened less and less frequently. Honestly, part of it is that I truly don't feel like looking at (read drooling over) things I know I can never again bake and eat. Well, I could still bake them....for others. But why? GF stuff has taken over our household and deliciously replaces anything -- except bread!! -- gluten-laden.

So, in an effort to "zen" my life a little, my cookbook collection is going to get trimmed to my bare essentials.

The first book I'd like to give away is the drool-worthy "The Cake Book" by Tish Boyle.

At 368 pages, with gorgeous photographs, it's truly a lovely guide to making fantastic-tasting and beautifully decorated cakes of all kinds: Angel food, pound, coffee, fruit-based, flourless, cheese, mousse, and meringue cakes. The instructions are clear. There are mail-order sources listed for special ingredients. In short, a gem of a book.

If you'd like to win the book, please leave a comment along with the first name (only) of someone you love. End of February, there'll be a random drawing -- yep, the time-honored pull-a-name-from-the-hat routine. Hopefully you'll win the book and you can bake that someone you love a sweet little surprise -- in a premeditated act of kindness :)


  1. I'm so glad the giveaway inspired you--this is one gorgeous book! I'd love to be able to give this as a gift to my sister, who is a master baker. So here's my entry :) (not sure whether the giveaway applies to Canada or not. . . let me know if not!).

  2. dietdessertndogs ~ This book will go to wherever the lucky winner lives. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your sister :)

  3. Yummy! I can think of any number of thankful recipients who'd l-o-v-e a scrumptious dessert from this special cookbook; from your loving expierience blossoms premeditated kindness - which translates into more loving energy - both in thought and in taste, when another recipe is revealed! I'm picturing one or more fabulous cakes for a special upcoming occasion - the graduation of one very much loved daughter - Maria!

  4. Here is my entry. The cookbook looks fabulous....

  5. ......someone I love is of course my daughter....Julie. A Mother couldn't have a better daughter.


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